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‘Oosterrijsen’ — origin of the name and the history of our location

The name Oosterrijsen Brewing Co stems from the original name given by the Dutch to the small port at the tip of the Randvik peninsula. Oosterrijsen became Öster-Risøer amongst the local Norwegians. From this, today’s name of Risør is derived.

By choosing Oosterrijsen Brewing Co as the name of our brewery, we wish to anchor the brewery to local history and to the origins of Risør as a trading port and town. The local historical connection will strengthen the brand to become indubitably Risør’s own brewery and a piece of living town history true to its roots.

As a part of this, we intend to export our beers to the ports that trade from Risør historically went to: Holland, the UK and Denmark. At the same time the emigration from Risør to the United States was extensive, something we highlight by additionally exporting to the U.S. In every aspect we seek to amplify our connection to Risør, and these strong ties to our town will reflect positively on our brewery in the form of support from the people of Risør and our immediate surroundings in the county of Agder.

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