NiceMobil - App Development and Core Design system


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Design system, app design, UX design, brand development

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Tinta led the UX department for the brand NiceMobil at Ice Communication Norway AS, which is the country's third-largest telecommunications provider.

NiceMobil is a fully digital (App) product with a focus on eSIM and sustainable solutions. Tinta worked on optimizing, gaining insights, developing and producing the user journey customers encounter, when visiting NiceMobil in the app or on the website. Over the years, as Tinta worked on UX/UI and the customer journey, NiceMobil increased its customer base from 700 to 30,000 customers.

Onboarding for new customers ︎︎︎

Product development, App ︎︎︎

Research and user journeys ︎︎︎

UX Research Report ︎︎︎

The team would continuesly test and iterate on the user journey to minemize pain points for the users.

Core Design System ︎︎︎
Tinta develop the core design system based on the brand identity.

A complete design system was built in Figma, including typographic scales, colors, and design components. The design components are developed in variants with properties and auto-layout, to ensure they are dynamic and responsive. The design system is set up with a focus on the overall expression of the product, its profile, consistent design, and high requirements for universal design. 

Communication, Form & Function.  Made By Tinta™.   

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